Preston Morris, Jr.


As a native of Charlottesville, Preston grew up surrounded by the history of Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia.  After graduating with his bachelor’s degree from UVA in 1998, he moved to Richmond to explore the idea of “living in the big city”.  As fate would have it, after moving there, Preston met the love of his life and they were married in 2003.  He graduated from UVA with a master’s degree in 2002 and started System13, Inc. soon thereafter.  In 2006, Preston purchased Commonwealth Clinical Systems, Inc.

Kathryn Riosa


Kathryn is a long time resident of Charlottesville, and could not imagine living anywhere else.  Her love of puzzles prompted a career transition from medical technology to computer programming, and she hasn’t looked back.  Kathryn says that she loves the great cooperative nature