Lynn Goyne

Vice President of Operations

Lynn has a green thumb and her enthusiasm for local flora and fauna is contagious. She enjoys spending time with her four-legged child, her dog Roscoe, and evening hikes with her husband.  Her guilty pleasures are biscotti, peanut butter, and a glass of Shiraz. Lynn is also a closet neat-freak and takes great pride in keeping things immaculate and organized. Her family loves her despite her predisposition for O.C.D. Fortunately, her fastidiousness positively influences her work at System13.

John Coogan


John has lived in the Charlottesville area since 1993, and he’s been with System13 since 1998.  Most of John’s work is centered on data and databases.  He thrives on the challenge of improving processes in order to get the best code possible.  John came to System13 with