Tom Phelps

Director of Health Information Systems

Tom has been with the company since 1986, which makes him the senior-most employee at System13, Inc.  His knowledge and understanding of health care data is rooted in his desire to see data turned into useful information that improves patients’ health care experience.  Ever the Southern gentleman, Tom enjoys the casual work environment that a small business like System13 provides.  It is that same laid back attitude that makes Tom interested in playing golf, reading, listening to music, and playing pool in his spare time.  However, Tom and his wife spend a signific

John Coogan


John has lived in the Charlottesville area since 1993, and he’s been with System13 since 1998.  Most of John’s work is centered on data and databases.  He thrives on the challenge of improving processes in order to get the best code possible.  John came to System13 with