Kathryn Riosa


Kathryn is a long time resident of Charlottesville, and could not imagine living anywhere else.  Her love of puzzles prompted a career transition from medical technology to computer programming, and she hasn’t looked back.  Kathryn says that she loves the great cooperative nature of her co-workers and that makes System13 a wonderful place to work.  Another plus of working at System13 is the opportunity to learn new technologies.  Her real passion is knitting though.  She loves to knit for her family, which now consists of a husband, daughter, son-in-law, and g

Eric Henley

Systems Administrator

When not propelling himself up and down the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia (in all types of weather and on nearly all modes of transportation) this proudly-bearded IT professional enjoys growing his own fruits and vegetables which he likes to prepare for his family and friends.